Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Riley has been looking forward to Halloween for a couple weeks now. We have checked out themed books from the library and watched just about every Halloween episode from Little Einsteins to Mickey Mouse.

After being a trick or treat newbie last year, this year she was fully aware of the meaning of the holiday. As in, Candy! Costumes! Pumpkins! Spooooky Stuff! And most importantly CANDY!!!

For the last month we thought she was going to be Tinkerbell. Her Gammy bought her the ridiculously priced costume to add to her dress up bin this past spring. I have nothing against the Disney line of costumes other than I have a problem with spending $50 on a costume that will be worn for no more than 2 hours. I was also a little concerned with the scant amount of fabric for Tinker's get up and the predicted 60 degree temps so I was relieved when she told me she wanted to be "Wiggle, Wed Widing Huh-ooooood". Except we didn't have a costume for that.

No worries, Google to the rescue. Armed with a DIY explanation of how to make the hood and my own idea of how to fashion the little apron I made this.

Don't worry those aren't aliens on my door, I just needed to black out my address.

Go ahead. Try to tell me she isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen.

For my OTC followers out there - the red fabric was 1.99 for 1 yard, the gingham was .99 for a half yard and the red ribbon was 1.99 for 5 yards. TG bought her the basket at Party City for 5.99. Halloween costume that's cute as button, covers enough skin, and more unique than a Disney princess for $11? You betcha.

Of course no Red Riding Hood would be complete without the Big, Bad Wolf. Except I didn't have a wolf costume. No problem. A baseball hat, some paper I colored black, a craft puff with some hot glue later, and the Wolf was born.

He's already eyeing her basket of goodies.

Our neighborhood is very new, still under construction actually so there wasn't much trick or treating action happening here. We decided to load the kiddies up in the car and head to TG's school neighborhood 2 minutes down the road, but not before we gave her a practice run at our house.

"Can-knee? To me?"

"Wet me see heeeeere."

"Oooh can-knees. I gonna put dem in my basket."

"Ohhh-kay. I ready! We goin to Hal's-o-ween yet? We don't want to be late!"

Riley had a blast running from house to house without a single complaint, but Cam didn't fare so well. The combo of the cold wind, dark, and the absolute confusion of it all made him pretty miserable actually. We gave Riley an hour and just as I was about to break the news that she (ie Cam and I) was finished she looked up at me with the sweetest face and said, "Mommy, we go to my home now?" I signaled TG to scoop her up and Halloween 2010 was done.


  1. you are so darn creative! Love the costume and your kids are adorable, as always!!

  2. Riley is adorable! I love the do it yourself costumes. I always try to make our first this year I got a really good deal on Owen's though and had to buy it.

  3. Perfect! Her costume is so much more original than another disney costume! i saw 125 princesses, but NO Riding Hoods around here, so SCORE for you! Adorable pics, and I was glad to hear there were no aliens at your door!

  4. Great Halloween costume! I love it :) Oh, and I laughed about your comment on the onesies! You are not the first person to think that I bought them that way :)


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