Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For Gigi

Let's just make sure we have it straight. I am a Steelers fan and I have been since I was very young. With the help of my family we started Riley early to make sure she too would be a Steelers fan. She has learned well and already knows the logo, the fight song, and that Sixburgh is #1!

TG's family are not Steelers fans. Gigi was born and raised in New England and so of course is a Patriots fan. I don't dislike the Patriots, but I don't like them either. However, I suppose I don't want to be a Greedy Gus and take both of my children and turn them into Steel City babies. Actually I do...but I have family to consider.

So this is for Gigi and her Patriots. We can be a house divided, but still full of love. We have Riley. You can have Camden. :)


  1. Ha! I love the little boots. Riley totally rocks that outfit!

  2. I gotta say, I love the Steelers dress! We live just outside of Pittsburgh, so of course we're huge Steelers fans. My sister married a guy that loves the Patriots, so we have a nice rivalry going on! ;)


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