Saturday, October 16, 2010

OTC: Sweet Copper Tub

My dad bought me this copper tub a few years ago. Well, sort of.

He and Gammy were in town for a visit and we took them to the Lucketts Antique Fair to browse the goods. When he saw the price tag he couldn't resist, stating that he had never seen them that cheap in his neck of the woods and bought it for himself.

Then he remembered that he flew here and had no way to transport this baby back. So it was passed on to me. I've used it to store blankets in our living room and photo books in our guest room, but when we moved in here I was stumped and out of space for it.

Until I started putting Riley's room together. I saw that little copper tub in a new light. Specifically an apple green light...

Riley's room is very pink and I wanted to pull out one of the other colors in her Hawaiian Quilt bedspread. I think the green was a perfect choice.

I thought I was done until TG pulled his "head tilt face". Meaning he tilted his head and looked at it quizzically before saying, "I think it needs something else. Polka dots maybe?" Okay so polka dots it is.

Several hours over several days of work later I finally finished hand painting a bazillion polka dots and her name. Then I took a paint pen and outlined the dots in white, and her name in white and hot pink.

Total for this project?

Glidden pink peony paint sample: FREE from the giveaway this spring
Rustoleum apple green spray paint: $3.79
White paint pen: $3.49
Pink paint pen: On hand from another project
Copper tub: FREE gift from Gampy, (but it was $50 when he bought it)

A sweet one of a kind custom piece for my darling girl's room for under $8! That is seriously on the cheap and it makes me want to view all my old things in a new way.


  1. Very cute idea! and about 100% better idea than anything I can come up with!

  2. I love it! Yep, the polka dots totally make it! I'll bet it looks so sweet in Riley's room! :)


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