Monday, October 18, 2010

I smell...


This morning while I was talking to my bestie I informed her that I might have to be medicated when Riley is a teenager.

I know that she is years away from that stage, but using the warp speed pace that she is headed for the age of 3 as my gauge I'd say it will be here before we know it.

Why the concern you wonder? (Or perhaps not because you already know I'm a worrier, duh)

Scenario 1:
We ventured to IHOP this weekend and had to wait for a bit. A father with three boys came in and sat down next to us. She immediately hopped up next to the one that was closest to her age, but still at least 2 years older than her.

Riley: Ohh, boooooy! What you name, boy? I'm Ril-wee. Do you like my dress? Look my tights! See my boots?
Boy: Simply speechless, stunned and somewhat frightened out of his mind.
Older Brother: It's okay Hootie (yes that's what the whole family was calling him), she seems....nice. (he said this as skeptically as is possible for an 8 year old while steering his brother to safety)

Scenario 2:
Yesterday I was typing an e-mail and Riley was standing at the open window in the kitchen looking out on the backyard. There was a group of boys either first grade or older playing on the dirt mound.

Riley: shouting through the screen... Hey! You boys! What you doin in my yar-duh? My name is Ril-wee! What you name? Can I come play wit you? You be careful out dere you boys! Hey! Where you going? Awww come baaaaack.
Boys running in fear as fast and as far away as they can get.

See? I'm not completely crazy (all the time). I do have reason to be concerned right? She's fearless, flirty, adorable and already has a penchant for older men. All at the ripe old age of 2 years and 9 months.

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  1. Haha! My 3 year old is a teenager in the making, too. She scares me!


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