Sunday, October 10, 2010

Seen and Heard

My two babies having their first joint bathtime. Riley loved being a big helper and was very gentle while Camden was in there. Matt held him the whole time because he's still wobbly and slippery in the tub, but he seemed to enjoy himself.

A perfect photo to embarass them with when they are teenagers.

Helping to rinse off her little brother.


Riley has been rocking us with some doozies lately so here we go.

Laying very still in her bed randomly the other day.
Me: What are you doing Roo?
Riley: I can't get up.
Me: Why not?
Riley: I waitin for my Prrrrince Carming. He gonna give me a big kiss!

Watching football with her Daddy. A guy gets tackled pretty hard.
Riley: You got knocked out!

Trying to get dressed for the day.
Me: Riley, what do you want to wear today? A dress or shorts?
Riley: A dress.
Me: Here's two options. Do you want the pink or yellow one?
Riley: Hmm. Pank? No tanks, not today. Meb-be jus the yeldow one.

Playing with all her dress up stuff. She has on the princess tutu. She surveys herself.
Riley: Sum-thin missin Mommy.
Puts her finger on her lip and "thinks" for a second.
Riley: I dow! I need my magic won-d. Then I be a beee-uuu-tee-ful prin-swess.


  1. I love the photos! I loved when our boys took baths together. They can't now, because the splashing is horrid, but it was so cute. And Riley's talk? Love toddler talk!

  2. So cute! It's so much easier when they can take a bath at the same time!


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