Monday, August 31, 2009

Girls' Night Out

While we were in Kansas Riley's amazing Aunt Tata sent TG and I out to a fabulous anniversary meal on the Plaza and took Riley on her first Girls' Night Out. With the help of her friends Jess and Erin, Riley and Tata visited a local animal park and ate dinner at a Fritz's Railroad Restaurant complete with engineer hats and electric trains. Despite the high KS temps and humidity my girl was on cloud nine to be out with the girls. Thank you so much!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Good "Witch" Of The Midwest

As if our first born and only child isn't spoiled enough, she got showered with love from her Kansas family when we were there this month. The best part about all the attention? More minds to come up with exciting games for her and extra hands to execute them.

So, while I was busy painting Aunt Tata's bathroom "Good Witch of the Midwest" was born with a vacuum, Tata's dirty carpet and Gampy.

Listening intently to the rules of the game.

Tentative at first.

Finding her groove.

Switching it up a bit.

Clearly delighted!

Pearly Whites

RB LOVES brushing her teeth with her Tigger well as her hair, arms, tummy and hands, but we're working on that. At the ripe age of 19 months she insists on starting her morning with a trip to the bathroom to stand on her stool and "brush her teeth" all the while chattering to us most likely about her plans for the day. If only it will always stay this easy.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thrifty Start to Finish

I'm a sale kind of woman, clearance sale kind to be exact. Even before the "current state of our economy" I employed my game to make purchase decisions. I drive an internally HARD bargain; give me the kamaaina rate or I'm not buying it.

So of course when TG wanted to go yard sale-ing on this dreary Saturday morning, I was armed with my cash and ready at the door in a matter of minutes. True to form we didn't find the things we were looking for, but we did find something that wasn't even on our radar. Forget $5 cute, this is $5 FUNCTIONAL.

Feeling bolstered by our morning savings spree, we decided to tackle a long avoided cell phone shopping trip in the hopes of continuing our sale streak. The storefront disappointed us, but not to be deterred we hopped over to our local electronics store and scored a 90% immediate discount(translate no mail in rebates) on his and hers matching phones.


What does one do to bask in the glow of their thriftiness? Order up some free DVR, pick up a free sub (with points) from Harris Teeter for dinner and snuggle this baby of course.

Beat The Heat

We had a mild summer and most days I found myself exclaiming over the blue skies, cool breezes and lack of humidity. But it was summer after all and there were a few days that were hot enough to send us running for our nearest watering hole.

Or in this case fountain park, conveniently located 5 minutes down the road.

Where we can run



and jump

to beat the heat.

Friday, August 28, 2009

To Please My Blog Reading Masses Few

We followed the yellow brick road for 17 hours over two days and just over 1800 miles, but it was totally worth it to see this...

Riley's First Boat Ride

and this...

Running through Weston with Gampy

and this...

Riley's First Lake Swim

Two weeks just isn't enough time when you are having as much fun as we did. I have so much to blog about and so many pictures (courtesy of Tata) to post and I promise I'll get to them as soon as my new venture this year (more on that another day) settles into more of a routine. But for now I am one exhausted lady.

Who misses her family very much. And wishes we could have clicked our heels three times for the 18 hour and 3000 mile+ trip back home.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Down the road

Tomorrow we set off on our first long road trip together as a family of 3 +2 pups. We are on our way to see my family and we are very excited about the destination, but a little nervous about the drive. If you're thinking of us in the next two days would you please pray for our safe journey and arrival at my parents house. Until we're on the yellow brick road...

'Cause I'm keeping you forever and for always

You have cake on your faces!!

A year ago I wrote this post about my best friend and the love of my life. And not much has changed in another year together except that I love him even more.

Matt and I met young and married young and we have endured some hard times together that's for sure. It was love at first sight, literally for me. The first time I laid eyes on him I went home and told my family that I had met the man I was going to marry. After two years of fluttery albeit long distance love, we were finally in the same place at the same time. We got engaged quickly thereafter and married 6 months after that. For the first four years of our marriage I loved him as my first love, my husband, and my best friend.

We've been married five years today and I still love him in all those ways, but now I also love him as the father of our sweet baby. There is something about the magic between them that melts my heart. As I watch Riley fall in love with him more and more each day, I fall in love with him all over again.

Happy 5th Anniversay baby! I love you!
"In your arms I can still feel the way you want me when you hold me I can still hear the words you whispered when you told me I can stay right here forever in your arms"