Tuesday, December 30, 2014

April in Pictures

I'm so far behind on my poor blog - but I'm going to try to catch up via my pics/FB/Instagram account so away we go!!!

We said goodbye to the bitter cold of winter and all those lovely snow days and we're thankful to start April off with some warmer air and sunshine.

Every day I would pick up Riley from her morning Kindergarten at 10:45 AM.  Some days we would continue on to an activity of the day after picking her up.  The local library was a weekly stop.  She loved this Matilda Jane top and asked me to take a picture of her.

The grandparents were in town for a quick trip so Riley and Cam got to sleep in the bunk beds together.

I spent my April mornings with this cool cat in his standard Cam uniform.  Pjs, monkey, swag.

One afternoon we were playing outside and I found Cam propped up in his lounger, with his Waikiki trolley book, reading next to my forsythia bushes.

We spent part of our spring break at Gigi and Papa's house where the weather was warm enough to eat ice cream cones for dessert outside by their pool.

They have their own room at Gigi and Papa's and their own matching twin beds.  Gigi reads to them at night.

Before church that weekend we took some pictures of the kids with Spring in full bloom.

The weather was nice enough for a zoo trip while we were there.  I love the zoo near Gigi and Papa's house because it's small enough for little ones, but big enough to keep them entertained.

The train is a crowd favorite every year.

On our last day we went to the mall and had lunch with Gigi at California Pizza Kitchen.

We came back a few days before Easter so I could attend #LindsaysLastSupper.  My dearest friend was on the eve of a very major surgery so she gathered all of her girlfriends for dinner at our favorite Mexican joint.

The Saturday before Easter our neighborhood held an Easter egg hunt.  They cordoned off sections by age group.  Riley had a brilliant strategy to run ahead of the entire pack to the empty section beyond everyone crouched at the starting point.  Her bucket was completely full in mere minutes.  Camden had a brilliant strategy to only put the eggs that made noise when he shook them into his basket meaning there was candy - not stickers inside.

On Easter morning we went to church and heard an amazing sermon by our pastor.  I left there with one of my favorite quotes for the year, "Upon further review there is always cause for hope and gratitude."  Those words have been with me since that morning and I find they apply to every day.  After church we went to a delicious brunch at our local wine bar.

The next weekend my sweet friend invited me to my first Nats game.  Let's be honest, I went for the frozen margaritas.  It was the perfect day for some baseball and a few MARGARITAS.

April flew by with all the exciting Spring time and outdoor activities we were able to enjoy and the happy month ended with the little man's birthday.