Sunday, April 28, 2013


Dear Camden,

Today you are three.

 1. 2. 3!

Gigi, Papa and Lolo came in for the weekend to celebrate with you.  They arrived on Friday with awesome donuts from a shop in their town.  We stripped your sister down because she tends to make a mess and you insisted on stripping down too.  Underwear donuts it is then.  Can't think of a better way to kick off a birthday weekend.


On Saturday you got a haircut, went to Riley's soccer game, spent some fun time with Gigi, Papa and Lolo and then got dinner at Red Robin.  The servers sang to you after dinner and you were pretty pleased with all the attention, and sugar.  Oh the sugar.  I wasn't sure you were going to be able to sleep last night what with all the sweets and the excitement for your birthday.

You have been patiently waiting for your birthday to come.  Everyday for the last month (at least) when I would get you up in the morning you would say, "It my birthday?" "I want a minja turtle.  The blue one!" You were so excited when I opened your door and said, "TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY!" and sang 'Happy Birthday' to you while I gave you 'moochies all over your sweet face.

You came downstairs and saw all the decorations your Daddy, Gigi and Lolo put up for you.  You immediately attacked the balloons and then noticed the stack of presents on the table.  You ripped into them pretty quickly.

Of course, we got you the blue ninja turtle and you were so happy!

But we didn't stop there. You now have all four "minja" turtles.

Gigi, Papa and Lolo had to head home shortly after you opened your presents.  We took a few pictures of you with them before they had to go.

You had some down time to play with your new turtles before we got ready and asked you what you wanted to do for your birthday.  You kept telling us "Go to the store!"  You never said  which store, even when we prompted you, but we figured you probably meant somewhere you could get toys.

So after lunch, Toys R Us was our first stop.  You found a Mater and space shuttle toy right when you walked in that you wanted.  You are very into spaceships lately.  You would have given it up for this car if we had let you though.  Although I think you would have had to fight your Daddy to drive it.

After that we went to about 5 more stores in search of things we still needed for your big birthday party next weekend. You were happy as could be about going to stores, so much so that after each one we would ask what you wanted to do next and you would say "Go to the store!" You and your sister were so cute as we were leaving the last one.

She was making you laugh by pretending to be the "Iron Monster".

You two can bicker, but you also love her dearly and she loves you.  Riley was so happy for you on your birthday.  She was so patient, kind, loving and understanding that it was your special day.  It's hard for Riley to share the attention sometimes and I knew today would be a test of her patience, but she was just wonderful all day for you, her best buddy.

While you ate dinner and relaxed a bit I got your cake all ready to go.  You were anxious for that cake. You even demanded it after you ate all your breakfast this morning.

I love the look of joy on your face as Daddy rounded the corner with your cake all aglow.

You knew just what to do with the candles this time and waited while we sang "Happy Birthday" one more time.  You heard that song a lot today.  In fact Tata, Tutu and Gammy called to sing to you at different times today too.



I realized after your shower tonight that Daddy and I did not take one single picture with you today.  So I raced downstairs with your freshly washed self and asked Daddy to take our picture.

I made sure to get one of you and Daddy too!

Camden, you are such a joy!

Three years with you have just flown by. I have to admit I'm having a hard time with you getting older. I am so very thankful that you are healthy, happy and growing, but you're my last baby and I just don't want to let you go. Thank you for another year full of lots of laughs and lots of love. We all love you so much!   Happy third birthday little man!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Monkey See, Monkey Do

This morning I was taking pictures of model Riley and as usual she was going through all of her new poses.

Work it sisser.

Then superhero boy, iron monster, Camden said, "MY TURN!"

He was flying.


I have no idea but he was pretty pleased with this pose when he saw it on the camera screen.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Summer's Comin!

This week after a winter that seemed to last forever we skipped spring and jumped right into the summer weather complete with temps in the high 80s and humidity.

While I would prefer an actual spring season, I loved being able to take the kids outside and one day it was so warm we put on swimsuits and filled up the little pool.

The water from the hose was COLD, but Riley insisted she could stand it.     

Getting colder!

Bolting from the line of fire!

It was all fun and games until they realized they could turn it on me!

We definitely enjoyed our afternoon outdoors, but I'm hoping it cools down for a bit for the rest of April and May.  Then bring on the heat!

Twirl and Stop, Pose and Smile

Riley is a natural picture taker. Although lately she doesn't always want me to take her picture, when she does, she really turns it on. All I have to do is turn the camera in her direction and click, click, click. She will change her pose, pause and then turn her face towards the camera for the snap. It's not taught, or inherited (by me at least), and it makes for some pretty funny photos.

Her pretty little dress and top are Matilda Jane.

The beautiful smile and glow are all her.  I love that little girl.



One day Riley came home from school and told me that her teacher loved banana pudding. She asked me if we could make it and since it was my favorite growing up I happily obliged. She helped me with every step and especially enjoyed being allowed to slice the bananas (using a butter knife of course). She wasn't thrilled with the finished product. She only liked the pudding and whip cream part, none of the banana part, but I for one loved the trip down memory lane.

One day when all her little friends were together they disappeared to her room for a while and returned looking like this.  Dressed to the nines and fancified with make up, tiaras, umbrellas and all.

My little man was caught poaching someone's gold coin.  He spends most of every day in his pajamas.  He protests getting dressed, argues that he is "NOT HAN-SOME", and even cries.  On the days when I do manage to get him dressed he has to be back in his jammies before his nap.  And yes on most days his hair looks like that too.  He doesn't like having his hair done either.  :)

Gammy and Gampy Time

Since Gammy and Gampy weren't able to make it out here for Christmas because of the blizzard they changed their travel plans to be here for Riley's 5th birthday. It was so much fun to have my mom here to help me decorate and get things ready for the party.

One of the things I can remember about my birthdays growing up is how my mom would decorate with streamers and make us character cakes. It was fun to come full circle and be doing those things for my own children with her here with me! She was a trooper the night before the party and only fell asleep a few times as I worked until the wee hours finishing Riley's shirt I hand embroidered for her.  I was so thankful for the extra set of hands during the party while the boys took a men trip to lunch and Dick's at the mall.

It's always a sad time in this house when it's time to take Gammy and Gampy back to the airport. We managed to get a cute picture of them with the kiddos (before the tears ensured) this time before they left though. We love you Gammy and Gampy! Come back and see us again soon!

Gold Hunt

I had a few fun plans for St. Patrick's Day, but then the flu take 2 and the strep x 3 hit my home and I was just struggling to be nurse to every member of my family, stay alive and not cry.

Anyway, once my kids were finally feeling better I hid some gold leprechaun coins for them to find. Riley was too fast for me to get any pictures of. Camden on the other hand was still slow enough to capture on film.

So close little man...

Got it!

Because all my family was so sick this was pretty much the only highlight for the month of March.  I'm thankful that spring is finally here, warmer weather has arrived and hopefully we've seen the last of the nasty viruses for now!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Barbie In Paris

This year Riley requested a Barbie Fashion Fairytale in Paris party.

Ask and ye shall receive.  To the best of my ability and with the help of Pinterest at least.

Pink lemonade with straws for ladylike sipping.

My try at a Barbie cake, and Riley's requested foods tomatoes and strawberries.

I made a tutu for every little party guest.

I had so much fun decorating and adding the little finishing touches like the canvas photo of her in full on diva mode.

That morning we gave Riley our gift to her - a surprise trip to the spa for a full on a pampering experience.  We started with a mani and pedi.  She looked so grown up sitting there, reading her Taylor Swift article.

She wanted curls, curls, curls.  Pageant hair with lots of spirals and hair spray coming up!

We finished up with a visit to the make up chair. She was charming everyone in the place.

She kept reminding the stylist that she wanted pink. Pink, pink, pink.

Her actual party was very laid back.  Her friends were dropped off, they played in her room for a long time while my mom and I just hung out in the living room.  Eventually they wandered down for lunch and glitter tattoos!

Besides glitter tattoos our only other organized activity was a fashion show.  Everyone dressed up in their tutus, necklaces and bows and walked the "runway".  Riley was a pro.

We rounded out the fun with a group dance party.

We had some cake and ice cream before moving to the gift bench to open her gifts.  My friend came up with this awesome idea of letting each guest sit on a bench or big chair with the birthday girl while she opens their gift.  It's the perfect way to let them share in the excitement of the gift they picked.

According to Riley she had the "most perfect best day ever Mom!" and that joy is priceless to me.
Happy 5th birthday sweet girl.  Mama loves you!