Friday, April 12, 2013


One day Riley came home from school and told me that her teacher loved banana pudding. She asked me if we could make it and since it was my favorite growing up I happily obliged. She helped me with every step and especially enjoyed being allowed to slice the bananas (using a butter knife of course). She wasn't thrilled with the finished product. She only liked the pudding and whip cream part, none of the banana part, but I for one loved the trip down memory lane.

One day when all her little friends were together they disappeared to her room for a while and returned looking like this.  Dressed to the nines and fancified with make up, tiaras, umbrellas and all.

My little man was caught poaching someone's gold coin.  He spends most of every day in his pajamas.  He protests getting dressed, argues that he is "NOT HAN-SOME", and even cries.  On the days when I do manage to get him dressed he has to be back in his jammies before his nap.  And yes on most days his hair looks like that too.  He doesn't like having his hair done either.  :)

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