Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter 2013

Well at this point my little blog has fallen way behind, but I'm determined not to let it go for my own sake and perhaps the 3 or 4 readers I still have at this point.  Hi, seester!  To make it easier my plan is to work backward from the most recent blog worthy event.

This Easter we were at home and the weather was rainy, cold and basically dreary. We might not have left the house at all, but we had made reservations at a local restaurant for brunch so we got up at 9:00 (early for us), got the kids all dressed up, and let them loose downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny had come.

I made them wait at the top of the stairs so I could take a quick picture of their baskets (even though we're pretty sure that Riley snuck down that morning and saw them).

Camden was slightly worried that "the rabbit" he had adamantly told me he did not want to see at the mall might still be in our home. Riley convinced him that it was okay and they dashed down the stairs.

"A soccer egg, whaaat?, so sill-wee."


That clever Easter bunny brought Riley the exact yoga pants she wanted from Target.

While we waited for our food at the restaurant we went outside to visit the bunnies and chicks. They loved petting them, but wanted nothing to do with holding one.

When we got back in the restaurant the bunny was circulating.  Camden cowered until Riley showed him that she got candy.  Then he got just close enough to get his hand in the basket.

We convinced our little bunnies to don their ears and take one picture together for their Mama.

We spent the rest of the day cozied up at home, playing with our new toys and trying to soak up the last minutes of our spring break week.

Riley got a make your own soap kit - she loves all those diy/crafty kits (that apple didn't fall far from the tree).  We now are the proud owners of three pink, purple and turquoise glittery bars of soap that she reminds us to use at every hand washing.

I feel like Easter came and went so quickly this year and now we're blazing through April.  Summer and summer vacation is on the horizon!

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