Thursday, April 11, 2013

Barbie In Paris

This year Riley requested a Barbie Fashion Fairytale in Paris party.

Ask and ye shall receive.  To the best of my ability and with the help of Pinterest at least.

Pink lemonade with straws for ladylike sipping.

My try at a Barbie cake, and Riley's requested foods tomatoes and strawberries.

I made a tutu for every little party guest.

I had so much fun decorating and adding the little finishing touches like the canvas photo of her in full on diva mode.

That morning we gave Riley our gift to her - a surprise trip to the spa for a full on a pampering experience.  We started with a mani and pedi.  She looked so grown up sitting there, reading her Taylor Swift article.

She wanted curls, curls, curls.  Pageant hair with lots of spirals and hair spray coming up!

We finished up with a visit to the make up chair. She was charming everyone in the place.

She kept reminding the stylist that she wanted pink. Pink, pink, pink.

Her actual party was very laid back.  Her friends were dropped off, they played in her room for a long time while my mom and I just hung out in the living room.  Eventually they wandered down for lunch and glitter tattoos!

Besides glitter tattoos our only other organized activity was a fashion show.  Everyone dressed up in their tutus, necklaces and bows and walked the "runway".  Riley was a pro.

We rounded out the fun with a group dance party.

We had some cake and ice cream before moving to the gift bench to open her gifts.  My friend came up with this awesome idea of letting each guest sit on a bench or big chair with the birthday girl while she opens their gift.  It's the perfect way to let them share in the excitement of the gift they picked.

According to Riley she had the "most perfect best day ever Mom!" and that joy is priceless to me.
Happy 5th birthday sweet girl.  Mama loves you!

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