Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dear Camden

Dear Camden,

Now you are two. I can hardly believe how quickly you've gone from my baby to my big boy. I stayed up late and decorated the house for you. I don't think you noticed anything but all the balloons. I was still asleep when Daddy brought you downstairs and your squeals of delight woke me up.

Riley and I made you special birthday pancakes with whip cream and liberal amounts of sprinkles. Hey, you only turn two, once. She also asked me to pull out the Dora party hats we used on her birthday. You refused to wear it until you saw her don one. We sang "Happy Birthday" to you, but you kept saying "No Mama. No."

Riley was so excited for you to have your birthday. She was so loving and sweet to you all day.

We didn't have your party on your actual birthday so Riley and Daddy went to soccer and you happily accompanied me to Zumba and played with Juju in the daycare. After lunch at home with Daddy and Riley we went to a new indoor playground in our town for their grand opening. You had refused to eat lunch and it was a bit past your nap time so the first few minutes were rough, but Daddy got you calmed down and then the real fun began.

We came home and you took a much needed nap before spending a quiet evening together. We had cupcakes in your honor after dinner. You were so excited when I came out with your cupcake. You kept saying, "HOT! HOT! CAKEY! CAKEY!" By the end of the day you were okay with us singing Happy Birthday to you.

You didn't blow out your candle because you tried to grab it and I had to quickly get it out before you hurt yourself.  Clearly we need to work more on the meaning of hot = ouch.  You didn't mind though and dug right into your birthday cake.

It was such a happy day and we're so proud of you. We've definitely had some rough times leading up to two, but you're growing into such a funny little man. You idolize your Daddy, adore your sister, and love your Mama.  We feel the same way about you and we're so thankful for all the joy you bring to our lives.

Even though you're growing up, finding your voice, showing us more of your personality and making us laugh all day long, I have a feeling it will be hard for me to ever look at you without seeing you like this.

Happy, happy birthday my Camden.  I love you.

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