Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Only Way to Picnic

One of the major perks of the area we live in is that there are wineries everywhere. Before we had kids TG and I spent lazy weekend afternoons tasting wines and eating cheese and crackers. Now we just bring the kids (and some bubbles and soccer balls) along for the fun.  Luckily, most of the vineyards are kid friendly and we're able to run into the tasting room, grab a bottle of our favorite vino and set up shop at a picnic table for the afternoon.

At the beginning of the month after a fun birthday party in the morning we drove out to our favorite winery for a picnic with friends. It was the perfect picnic day - sunshine, but cooler temps and plenty of green grass for our kids to run and play in while we drank wine at the picnic table in the shade.

We still have two more weeks of school to go (ugh!), but we're looking forward to a summer full of winery picnics.  Maybe on every thirsty Thursday?

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