Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great three day weekend and while I certainly do not view Memorial Day as a "BBQ holiday" as was the theme of many Facebook posts I saw, I do get excited about the extra day to spend with my family.

I also felt a little guilty about that until I saw a friend from high school's status that really resonated with me.

He said-
"Coming from a deployed soldier. Enjoy your weekend to the fullest, that's what I want for my friends and family. Take a sec and pray for us out here and the ones that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our beautiful country. After that post the pics from your awesome weekend... love you guys!"

He's deployed, away from his family, fighting for our freedom, and what he wanted on Memorial Day was for those he loved to enjoy their time together. I'll admit tears sprung to my eyes when I read his words because of the selflessness of his wish.

I did enjoy the weekend with my beloved family.

We played outside.

And cooled off in the sprinkler.

We picked fresh strawberries.

And had a (hot) picnic with our friends.

We swam at the pool, snuggled on the couch, played with superheroes, watched our big girl use the slide and swim on her own for the first time, and yes we even ate some BBQ with my sister and her family.

But I also made sure that Riley knew as much as she could about why we were spending Monday together.

She's only 4, but if you ask her she'll tell you that her Gampy and Papa both served our country. That lots of Mommy and Daddy's family and friends have made it possible for her to do the things she loves like "playing with all my bes' friends" and "singing and dancing". That even though it was Memorial Day we prayed for all the soldiers, of course those who have given their lives, but also for those who are currently deployed, have ever served our country, and those who returned home, but are not the same as when they left.  That we prayed for their families too.

And, that she's proud to be an "Amurican".

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