Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Crabbing Adventure

While we were in Chincoteague there was one thing on the to do list that couldn't be missed. Well, at least as far as I was concerned.

So one afternoon while the kids napped, twinnie and I headed here.

And got these which in our opinion were a little bit of heaven.

We came back and let the (willing) little people get in on the fun. 

It was Riley's first time eating crab. TG does not care for crab and told her she had crab breath. She asked me if this was true. She made me check.

Inspired by our delicious meal we decided to take advantage of the crab pots and pier at our little rental home. Armed with the pots, some chicken legs, and nets for all the girls we made our way out onto the windy pier.

We know nothing about crabbing and I think it was too early in the season, but Riley loved dropping her pot in. She didn't love discovering later that day that all we caught was "slimy yucky seasweeds"

Snails were plentiful though and because it was low tide twinnie and I were able to catch a few for each girl to keep in a little mason jar. They instantly forgot all about the crabs.

And so ended our crabbing adventure...I think we did pretty well for city girls.

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