Sunday, October 24, 2010

Seen and Heard


Little man sporting some jack-o-lantern baby legs.

Riley sporting some tights...on her head.

Cam trying out a swing for the first time.

Riley pretending to be my "ate-ter-ess" and bringing me food.


While on an evening stroll around the neighborhood.
Riley: Mommy, you see dat moon?
Me: Yes, it's pretty.
Dat wax-er-ing dib-dus (waxing gibbous) moon!
Why, yes it is.
Riley: Dat a-nom-na-nal (phenomenal)!

Riley: A-dees and gen-bul-mens!
Riley: A-sent-er-ing Ril-wee and Canden!
Riley: Mommy, you start!
Me: R...
Riley: R-I-L-D-W! Ril-wee!
Riley: Thank you, thank you eberee-buddy!
(3/5 isn't bad, but we're working on it.)

Yesterday at the farm following an incident at the little playhouse.
Me: Riley, do you know why you're in time out?
Riley: Umm, yes.
Me: Why?
Riley: I pull dat grr-ull shirt. I pull her a-cuz she tryin to go in Ril-wee house.
Me: And are we allowed to touch other people?
Riley: Umm, yes, sometimes. Can I have some cop-a-corn now?

Cam: blowing raspberries...
Cam: Ahhhhhh-ahhhh-grrrrr
Cam: blowing more raspberries


  1. I think "stuff" kids say is funnier than the "stuff" that his Dad says!

  2. she is one funny little girl :) she cracks me up!


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