Friday, October 15, 2010

Talent Show

Thursday evening Riley ran into the kitchen in her full on dress up gear. She surveyed the window and begged me to close the window so that the curtains would stop blowing. (Actually first she stomped her foot and told me to make the air conditioner stop going until I told her to change her tone and pointed out that the window was open.)

I was confused, but I have learned not to question Riley's whims. As soon as I closed the window she stepped behind the curtains and said, "I red-ee for my talent show wadies and gentles-mans!"

Don't ask me where she gets this stuff from. I wish I could say it's my trait because it's cute as can be, but I'm actually kind of shy.

So, here's what her talent show consisted of. It's not the first take because I didn't have the camera with me in there, but she was happy to reenact the whole thing (quite a few times) using the curtains in the living room.

1. I love that it's a four step dance. Turn around, tap your feet, wiggle your head and wiggle your "cumm-eee".

2. You will never be able to convince me that another child looks cuter than her when she wiggles her tummy.

3. She's wearing a swimsuit from Old Navy that Tata bought her because it's made to look like a ballerina leotard. She's also sporting some of her favorite "soo high heelels". I'm ashamed to say she works heels better than I do.

4. How a 2.5 year old knows what a talent show is or that she should have an actual talent to perform completely blows my mind.

5. I love watching her think through something like when she has to pause for a second to remember the steps and the order they go in.

6. Her bows crack me up. She was doing them this week and saying "Your mag-es-tee". Took me a minute to figure out that she was calling me majesty.

7. I die at the absolute adorableness of her voice when she says "bye bye!". Okay, truthfully I teared up a little bit because I know her voice won't always sound like that.

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