Friday, October 29, 2010

This Is NOT a Pumpkin!

On Sunday night we finally broke out our pumpkin carving tools and TG hauled our sweet little pumpkin upstairs so we could make our jack-o-lantern.

First I had to notify TG that "Jack Sprat" the frog was still on the pumpkin. I have no idea how or why but that frog has taken up residence on the pumpkin every night since we got it. I call him Jack Sprat because we have two frogs that live on our porch. A very teeny one, that's Jack, and his wife who could eat no lean.

After frog removal we moved onto the desliming process. Riley and TG have been snacking on the seeds all week.

Then Rooski and I used the little rolly wheel to transfer our pattern and the drilling tool to pop the holes in it.

Hard at work.

Checking out our finished product.

She was very excited about the candle inside and kept peering in to see it.

And every night she asks to turn the pumpkin light on.

This is NOT a pumpkin, this is a jack-o-lantern!


  1. Very cute! and yes, you are right, that is no Pumpkin, it is surely a Jack O Lantern! Now, does the frog still like it?

  2. Cute pictures! My son would have LOVED that frog!

  3. we're carving ours tomorrow! Is that my frog...for the crickets? The chickens LOVE those suckers...maybe I'll let one of those guys in the basement from time to time!


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