Monday, November 1, 2010

OTC: Major Bathroom Design Sneak

I've been working on prettifying our full bath. No, you didn't misread that. In our sweet little home we only have one full bathroom to share between 4 people, 2 of which are rapidly growing.

So it was important to me that it was functional and beautiful. It's been weeks of chaos up there that my family has been quietly tolerating, but we're moving in the right direction and here's a sneak peek for you...

Hello Liquid Nails, it's nice to meet you. I am in lurve.

About 8 coats of semi gloss later. Kilz I will never forget you again.

FINALLY putting my coffee filter wreath in it's spot. This is an OTC all on it's own.

I've got two semi large projects left to tackle (and some touchup - did I mention I hate painting bathrooms???) as part of this redo and then I can do the big reveal!

**HELP! See inside those little picture molding boxes? To stencil or not to stencil? Anyone?**


  1. i love them the way they are, but i'm kind of a plain jane. my favorite room in our house is white waynes coating (however you spell that) with a periwinkle blue top. Love love love the contrast and it's not too much. not sure if stencils would be over kill?!?!? Maybe a lighter color if you do them? you are amazing by the way. love your work.

  2. Kilz, love that stuff! Don't you remember the yellow bedroom we painted that sucked up coat after coat of paint?! Primer is your friend :) LOVE that coffee filter wreath too, so creative!

    Bathroom looks great!

  3. I love the wall! We only have one full bath, too! Nobody likes to use the bathroom in the basement! ;)

  4. Stencil, but I am crafty and love that kind of stuff. your wreath!

  5. It depends on what you are stenciling. I would generally say No on stenciling but you are way crafty so I guess it would depend! :-)

  6. Way cool! 8 coats of Killz? Been there too! Now, about this coffee filter wreath? How cool is that?

  7. Love the wreath, love the molding work/batten...And the color is great too, super cute! Do you have tutorials?


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