Thursday, November 18, 2010

Or Sumpin

Riley has been drawing and even writing with intent for a little while now.

A couple months ago she was asking me to draw with her and so we would work together with me saying something like, "First a circle for the head, then two eyes, a mouth, some legs, and arms." After a few times she started mimicking me and drawing her own version of people. After my Dad came lots of the people got glasses just like Gampy wears.

Tonight she was drawing with her doll in the kitchen and I just had to capture her sweet process for our memories. I hope it makes you smile!

Riley Draws from Mama V on Vimeo.

1. I love, love, love her little people.

2. She's moved on to drawing mermaids like she asks us to draw. I love that she makes dots on the tail because that's how I fill in the fin when I draw them for her.

3. She has started saying "or sumpin" lately. Like today at the library a little girl was wearing a Rapunzel costume and she said, "Wook Mom! Dat girl wearing a Racunzel dr-wess or sumpin wike dat."

4. I think it's absolutely adorable when she "spells" and "writes" her words. She makes a symbol for each letter, names them (wrong of course, but who cares) and spaces them appropriately. And can I say, the teacher in me swells with pride when she even RUNS HER FINGER underneath the word as she reads it. Reading strategies at the age of 2 and 10 months anyone?!?

5. I always make her blow kisses or say bye at the end of her videos. I don't know why, I just always figure that's a good way to end.

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  1. This is ridciulously cute! She is a pretty darn good artist at 2 almost 3! :)


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