Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm sad to admit that I used to be a WWF fan. Actually, I watched because the high school boys watched and it was something that they could talk about for hours on end. I even met The Rock and a bunch of the other wrestlers in the Pittsburgh airport on my Pitt recruiting trip in 1999. Dwyane was kind enough to take a picture with me, and my Dad still has it framed in his office (it's a trippy pic because we kind of look like we're related). I think that's the closest celebrity encounter I've ever had.

Anyway, fast forward 11 years and now I get to watch WWF live. In my own living room.

In one corner we have Riley "The Wiggler", almost 3, full of spunk, and armed with a wiggling escape move.

In the other corner it's Camden "The Crusher", 6 months old, clueless to what's happening, and armed with a crushing flop action.

I think I've got her!

Uh oh! She's going into Wiggle mode!

Oh no you don't sister! GRRRRR!

Going for the pin and the win!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

No babies were harmed in the making of this WWF sibling battle. :)

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