Tuesday, November 30, 2010

7 Months

Our sweet baby boy is seven months old!

Actually, he's seven months and 3 days old already, but we're still a little under the weather here so I'm running behind.

He was just weighed at the doctor on Thanksgiving day and despite his voracious appetite, (seriously we've watched him eat 3 bowlfuls of baby food in one sitting), he hasn't really gained any weight since his 6 months check up. He's still hovering around 19 lbs 1 oz.

He's sitting up quite nicely now and can almost push himself back up to a sit if he falls over. He's not crawling yet or even slithering really. He prefers to stand, cruise along the furniture (with our supervision) or hold our hands and walk around. Just tonight he was walking to me, he'd give me a quick snuggle, pivot and I'd help him walk back to TG. He thought it was the cat's pajamas.

Other than a random cough at 5 weeks old Camden hasn't been sick until last week. He came down with the same virus his sister had gotten and was just miserable. His fever, lost voice and cough landed us in an emergency center on Thanksgiving day. He checked out just fine, and as a bonus this illness has turned our busy little man into a cuddler. I am loving it.

Cam LOVES being outside and especially loves the baby swing. He actually fell asleep in one at our park playdate with the besties a couple weeks ago. He even fusses a little bit when it's time to go and I take him out.

He's been sleeping through the night every night without a feeding since he was 6 months old, and I've been letting him fuss it out if he wakes. Even at the peak of his illness he slept like a champ which is yet another reason I love him being paci free. We dreaded stuffy noses for Riley because she couldn't breathe and suck her paci at the same time and she would cry all night long.

He's still our smiley little guy, but he has definitely been much fussier lately. I blame it on teething since he's got at least 4 MORE teeth that we can see coming in all at the same time. He got his bottom two one day after he hit 4 months and his top two 2 days after he hit 6 months. Now his next two, top and bottom are at the surface. I'm hoping when they finally come through he'll be feeling a lot happier.

Happy 7 months Camden! We love you!


  1. He looks so old in that first picture! I can't believe how fast the boys are growing!!!


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