Monday, November 22, 2010

OTC: Knockoff PB Advent Calendar Part 2

A week ago I shared the beginnings of my Knockoff PB Advent Calendar.

When I first conceptualized this my plan was to create hanging baskets similar to the original design. However, in order to keep it OTC I was going to make paper cones from last year's left over wrapping paper. I started and made about 7 cones before I decided I just wasn't loving the look. So back to the drawing board I went. After staring at the blank tree on my wall for a day (or so) it hit me - ORNAMENTS. My sweet lil tree needed ornaments.

I traced an ice cream dish that we had and proceeded to cut out 48 circles. 24 green and 24 red. Then I used my trusty gg to glue two circles together - only gluing a semi circle so that the top would remain open for the little gifts.

Step 2 was sewing a contrasting ribbon around the edge of each ribbon. I totally could have skipped this step since they were glued closed, but I felt like the ribbon gave it a little extra charm.

I was originally going to puff paint the numbers on, but I knew I wanted a crisp uniform look. So I decided to run my sheets of glitter felt through my printer. I used Gills San Ultra bold font in Word, size 36. I also went to edit:format font: and clicked the box for outline so that they printed just the outline of each number. I did have to cut the felt to 8.5 wide and then carefully guide it through my printer, but it worked like a charm.

Next using an exacto knife I cut out each number and then pulled my gg out again to put the numbers on.

Using a needle and thread I ran contrasting ribbon through the back piece of felt on each ornament to make a loop and then used the metal ornament hangers to put each one on my tree.

For the star, I painted it with silver acrylic paint and then affixed the number.

And, here she is! Yes, I refer to my projects as my girls and if I had to name her it would be Joy. Because that's the feeling I get every time I look at this hanging on my wall!

So here's a cost recap (plus 2 additional items I needed to finish) if you missed the first post...
Sticks - free, just the labor on a lovely morning
Yarn - $1.97 at AC Moore
Star Box - $.50 at AC Moore
Felt for the ornament bags - $3.50 for 12 sheets
Glitter Felt for the numbers - $1.98 for 2 sheets
Green and red ribbon - $.50 each at AC Moore
Silver acrylic paint - $.50 at AC Moore

$9.45 for 25 days worth of my little girl's happiness AND $289 less than the store version? I have to say it again, that's some Christmas love BABY!

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  1. LOVE how it turned out! It is cute, rustic, AND cheap. You trully created a labor of love that will last for a long time. :)

  2. I LOVE how crafty you are! You make me so jealous, I mean really...where do you find the time? Ha! I must be slacking here at the house. I love the advent calendar so much I want to make one for my house and a couple for my friends!


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