Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Day

I hope you're not tired of the snow posts yet because as I blog this the snow is coming down from the storm that's been dubbed "The Storm of the Century". We're forecasted to get anywhere from 20 to 30+ inches of snow which I know isn't much if you live way up north, but in our area it's a lot.

After 8 inches of snow this past weekend, we got another 6 inches on Tuesday night and TG got his first snow day! Technically his third, but we were cruising when the first two happened so they don't count. This snow was perfect for snowman building and sledding. Riley Boo and her Daddy spent well over an hour playing in it.

You can see that the meek little hill she was sledding down last Saturday wasn't going to cut it this time and I was summoned outside to catch her wild ride on film.

Untitled from Lindsay Vinson on Vimeo.

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