Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cruise 2009: Day 5

Day 5 of our cruise was Christmas Eve and by the time we woke up that morning we were already at port in San Juan. I immediately threw open the curtains of our stateroom to see what the weather was like. Puerto Rico did not disappoint us. The skies were blue and the sun was shining.

After a quick breakfast, some studying of the map and google comparisons we headed off the boat to find a taxi and head to one of the nearby beaches. We lucked out and got a very polite and knowledgeable man who steered us away from the more popular beach in favor of one that was about 5 miles further north. We were so glad that we took his advice when we turned the corner and La Isla Verde Beach came into view.

We got there early so for the first hour we had the beach to ourselves. We spread out on the sand and immediately headed down to the water to splash in the waves.

She thought it was so funny to scream as the wave was coming in and loved it when they would crash over us and soak her.

Eventually I came up to rest and tan on the sand and she kept running up to say hi to me and then back down to swim, hunt for seashells and play with TG. Look at that water! Isla Verde is the perfect name for this beach.

Riley stopped for a break at one point, but it was a short one. She's a water baby and she just couldn't get enough of playing in the ocean.

After an amazing morning beachside we met up with TG's family before heading back into old San Juan for some shopping. The town was completely decorated for Christmas.

Our shopping trip wasn't very successful, but we had so much fun that day! Too much fun for a little one, who finally succumbed to sleep on our way back to the ship for lunch.

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  1. Love you little beach baby! Am hoping we can make it to a beach this summer..poor Zaden's never been to a beach!


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