Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cruise 2009: Day 1

Yes, I know I'm over a month behind in sharing our Christmas cruise with you. But I figure better late than never.

Thanks to Gigi and Papa we were able to take a family cruise to the Eastern Caribbean for Christmas. It was the first for myself and Riley, but TG's second. We had been looking forward to this trip for months and we almost didn't make it!

The blizzard of 2009 moved in the weekend we were supposed to fly out. The airport was shut down and all the flights were cancelled. With no time to spare, and the snow already coming down, we hastily packed our bags and jumped in the car to head south to Gigi and Papa's house in hopes of outrunning the storm and somehow making it to Miami.

Unfortunately we were driving straight into it and spent 6 hours driving to only get 150 miles before we had to stop for the night. The next morning we were able to get up and drive the second half of the trip to their house and discovered that they were able to get us the LAST TWO SEATS on their flight out the next day. I consider this a miracle from God.

Despite some snow in their neck of the woods that night our flight was able to get out on time. After a long day of traveling with Riley and Mommy in tears at some points we FINALLY made it to Miami and the ship. We were supposed to set sail that afternoon at 4:00, but they delayed our departure until 7:00 pm to give all our fellow snow trapped northeasterners a chance to make it.

We used that extra time to take some MUCH needed naps and were up just in time to watch the ship leave port.

Miami skyline.

Exhausted, but excited that we were able to make it.

Saying goodbye to Miami from the balcony off our room and looking forward to the sunny Caribbean.


  1. How did Riley do on the cruise? Steve and I talk about taking a cruise up to Alaska one day, but more than likely we will leave the boys with Grandpa and Grandma.

  2. we miss you friends....NO MORE SNOW....NO MORE SNOW!


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