Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowed In

This storm has turned out to be bigger than I thought it was going to be. It has been snowing for almost 48 straight hours and we are literally buried under snow. It's so pretty to look at and so far we're not feeling too stir crazy. You might want to check back with me on that one in another 24 hours. The snow is supposed to stop this evening, but the temps are below freezing all week and we're forecasted for more snow on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Since we're stuck at the house we've been entertaining ourselves today. After breakfast this morning (and sleeping in for Mommy) we ventured out to play in the snow. Needless to say she's not quite tall enough for too much playing to be done, but she thought it was hilarious anyway.

Attempting to walk.


Loving it.

Sitting in the snow.

T.G. hard at work.

Trying to help Daddy dig a path.

Finally retreated to the indoors for "hot cocalate" and "coooookies!"

She cut out all her shapes.

The goods.

Her finished product. She LOVED decorating cookies so much that tomorrow we're going to tackle Valentine's Day sugar cookies.

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  1. CUTE! After Z wakes up we're headed out to have some snow fun too! They've already called off LCPS for Monday and Tuesday!


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