Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cruise 2009: Day 3

Day 3 was spent at sea and I'd have more pictures of it, but sadly it was a double ick combo of rainy and cold. Let's just say that with a toddler - who is not old enough by one stinkin month to attend the on board camp for kids - a 24 hour rain fest at sea can be difficult. Hence the reason for no pictures.

So I figured I would use day 3 to share animal towels with you. Never been on a cruise and no idea what I'm talking about? Besides taking care of you and cleaning the room your cruise steward is charged with creating these delightful cotton pals to greet you each evening.

No idea what this first one was. I should have consulted the towel buddy book. Yes, for the price of $19.99 you could buy the book teaching you the art of towel crafting. No, I did not buy one.

Unknown posing with an elephant.

This monkey guy was my favorite. We left him hanging there for the entire trip.

Mr. rabbit posing on Riley's bed with her beloved Elli.

She did not care for him being on her bed and eyed him warily...

before working up the courage to rescue Elli.

And swiping the offending towel creature to the floor so she could lay down.

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