Wednesday, February 17, 2010

He should be a butternut squash

Baby boy and I are sailing right along. We had our ultrasound for this month last Tuesday and everything is looking fine. I'm just over 29 weeks now, but he's measuring about 2 weeks ahead. So instead of being the size of a butternut squash, he's about the size of 4 oranges, or 3.3 oz. (Actually since it's been another week I'd guess he was .3 - .5 oz bigger, but we'll stick with what we know)

The u/s tech was very thorough this time around. She was also much more honest with me and let me know that as the pregnancy progresses they are keeping a very close eye on some of his organs (because I have a 2 vessel umbilical cord instead of 3). She spent about 45 minutes checking his kidneys, bladder, heart, and lips. I wasn't really worried and I just enjoyed watching him kick and wiggle on the screen the entire time. She captured this shot of his foot for me and when she measured it she laughed out loud. Apparently my kid has big feet. They are already 2 inches long.

I haven't been back for a regular check up since I passed my 4 hour GD test. I am interested to hear what they say and if they'll want to check me again with a 1 hour screen in their office. I go in next week for my last monthly check up and then I'll be going every 2 weeks for the rest of the pregnancy. So far I'm feeling good, except for being a bit uncomfortable sleeping at night. Here's a shot of me and the little man with only 10 weeks to go!


  1. yeah for the big baby V! Can't wait to meet this boy!

  2. Girl! I can't believe how small your little bump is. You are so lucky! I remember how sleeping at night goes. Sucks, you just don't get it. It seemed like I had to switch sides every 2-3 hours, my hips were the issue. Eventually, with Kyle I would go and see the chiro and boy did that help.

    So, have you guys come up with a name for little baby Vinson?


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