Monday, February 8, 2010

That Day Has Come

Less than a year ago I wrote this post, sweetly titled "Bo". At the time Riley was just beginning to say a few words that we could understand and one of them was No.

I made this cute video where TG and I kept asking her questions to which she would say "Bo". If you haven't seen it, you should (especially if you're related to her) because it's pretty cute.

Here's the sad part. At the end of the post I wrote this in bold letters:

(NOTE: Please feel free to send me the link to this blog post when she's 2 and telling me NO in response to me telling her to get dressed, eat her dinner, play nicely, etc.)

Well, that day has come and since I'm the only one who can remember the post I went searching for it myself. After watching it and feeling the tug on my heartstrings by her sweet little voice, baby hair, and chubby cheeks reality set in.

She's 2 and she says NO like it's NObody's business. And sometimes she screams for the full dramatic effect after she says it. We're working on breaking her of this habit, but I was right.

No is not cute at 2 the way it was when she was 1. :(

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  1. omigosh I SO remember her cute little voice saying "bo" sweet! Thanks for the walk down memory's gone by so fast hasn't it!


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