Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Seen and Heard

We're on day 6 of Blizzard 2010. Just as the town was beginning to dig out of all the snow another big storm moved in. It started snowing last night and it is practically white out conditions this morning.

Riley has been handling her home confinement like a champ. Of course it helps that there are 6 people on hand that can help to entertain her. But I have to say that she has come up with some pretty fun ways of entertaining herself as well.


This morning for the first time Riley picked up my camera and asked TG to take a picture of her. Then when I got up an hour later she did the same thing to me. She smiled so well for both pictures! Look at how cute she is.


Door closing.

TG: Who's there?
Riley: It's me Riyee! I two!
Door opens.
TG: Oh, hi Riley!
Riley: Okay, bye!

Repeat. :)

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