Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cruise 2009: Day 4

When I woke up on Day 4 we were pulling into St. Thomas. There is only one word: BEAUTIFUL.

I am a self-proclaimed Hawaii lover. I went on this cruise having a hard time believing that there was anywhere else in the world with water as blue and landscape as breathtaking. St. Thomas came close. After a rainy day at sea, we spent a much needed day out in the sunshine and warm island air.

After morning workouts and a leisurely breakfast we spent the afternoon walking around and visiting the open air shops. I can't wait to take a trip back to St. Thomas again someday!

Me on the open air taxi on the way back to the boat from shopping. TG bought me a fake Dolce purse that I LOVE!

Our boat and Riley's Mickey "shi*" at port. The poor kid couldn't say ship.

Land! She loves to pull up grass. I'll hire her out to mow your lawn if you're interested. :)

Comparing fistfuls of grass with Daddy.

Walking back to the boat.

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  1. cute..still jealous that you have been somewhere warm recently!


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