Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Tunnel

Well, the Blizzard of 2010 is over. Official counts came in this morning and our town got 34.5 inches of snow. I know if you live up north you're probably laughing at us "southerners", but to us 8 inches is a lot so multiply our version of alot times 4 and we're just overwhelmed!

It stopped snowing at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon and this morning we all ventured outside to clear out the driveway, unearth the cars and of course play in the snow some more.

Yesterday was a snow launcher day, but today was snow tunnel day. TG spent a good half hour building a mini tunnel into all the snow that had been packed to the side from the cars and the driveway. By the time it was done it had three entrances and about 6 feet of tunnel space (using TG's body length as a measurement).

Let me just tell you that before I would even allow her inside it I threatened him within an inch of his life about the safety of our daughter in this mini tunnel. I WOULD not let her climb through without one of us directly in front of and the other directly behind her. Once he agreed to those terms she was free to go.

Of course, fearless as she is, she loved it.

Trying to help Daddy dig.

Checking on his progress.

Venturing in.


Almost through.

She made it!


  1. she is brave! Our neighbors had one and I told Brett he'd better be ready to dig for his life if that thing collapsed on Zaden!

  2. Love the snow tunnel!

    Audrey likes to yell "no" on occasion too. :-( Often she will say "no thank-you" which I appreciate so much more! But when she yells no or says it to every little thing-it's quite frustrating.


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