Sunday, February 21, 2010

Seen and Heard plus some other stuff

This isn't a very focused post, just some bits and pieces of things that have been happening lately. It must be the OCD part of me that likes to write to topic, but the pregnant scatterbrained part of me is willing to let that go tonight.

This week I discovered the Pioneer Woman's site by clicking through from my bestie's blog. I'm sure I'm way behind the curve, but I am in love with her recipes. I made her chicken parmigiana tonight and TG cleaned his plate, literally using his bread to wipe every remaining bit up and eat it. I try my best, but he does not always devour every meal I make and a clean plate is the same as receiving 5 stars. Thank you Pioneer Woman!!!

HEARD. Riley's new favorite thing is to ask questions. Lots of them. Sometimes the same question repeatedly. She peppers me all day with "What's this Mama?", "What did you do?", "Where you goin?", "What appen Mama?" and my personal favorite "What you doing?". She says it with the same accent that Joey Tribbiani asks his famous one liner. If I leave her sight, even to use the bathroom for two seconds I am almost guaranteed to hear her little voice ask me "What you doing, Mama?"

On the baby boy front, I am beginning to wonder how much bigger my belly is going to get. It feels stretched pretty tight right now and I have two months to go! He still gets in some good kicks and jabs, but lately I feel him moving around with a tushy, elbow or head rolling across my belly. We still don't have a name for him and I'm beginning to think that we might just take a small list of names to the hospital and choose one after we meet him for the first time.

SEEN. Not sure if you have noticed in the photos of her lately, but Riley's hair is getting so long! It makes her look so much older! My favorite hairstyle for her lately is two pigtail buns and she looks pretty darn cute when she wears them. I asked her to model them for the camera this week so I could share.

Her serious pose.

Twirling to give you the full effect.


  1. Girl! I love Pioneer Woman, I check her blog daily, I love her recipes. Heck I had to buy her cookbook. You have to try her onion strings! Delicious! Chicken Spaghetti is also really yummy.

    The sea of never ending questions...I tell you it is an age thing. And, I am beginning to wonder if Kyle will ever grow out of it.

    I remember with Owen, I felt like I was stretched to the limit really early. I don't know if it is a second time around thing or what. But my tummy was always itchy the last two months. I hope it gets better for you girl.

  2. that's my favorite hair do of Riley's too! And your belly will get MUCH bigger! you're not even that big yet!


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