Sunday, January 31, 2010


The snow is mocking us this year. Literally laughing in our faces. We've had four good snows since December and all of them have fallen on either a weekend or an already planned school vacation. Dry as a bone during the week, covered in snow and ice on the weekends. My hopes of TG being home for a snow day are dwindling. Lucky for us, Riley doesn't know or care about the difference and we are entertained (weekend though it may be) to hear her shout "It's NOING!"

We weren't here for the blizzard of '09 because we were sailing in the blue waters of the Caribbean so we got her all bundled up and let her out in the snow today. And by we I mean I bundled her up and had the hot cocoa waiting while TG braved the cold for 30 minutes to play with her.

Riley sledding 2010 from Lindsay Vinson on Vimeo.


  1. I love cute that she says "It's Noing"...Audrey says "It's So-nin"...I think that "sn" digraph is a bit hard for her! Haha!

  2. your kid is so fearless! Zaden would have been a blubbering mess if he'd been face first in the snow like that!


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