Thursday, January 24, 2013

And Then She Was 5

Dear Riley,

Today you turned 5.

1. 2. 3. 4.


Whoa. That number scares me a little bit.

We've been counting down the days and we've been busy the past week so it was here before you knew it.

You know the drill now. Last night before bed you said, "I can't wait to see what it looks like in here for my birrrrthday tomorrow!"

After just over an hour, it looked pretty good.

It snowed over night and we got a 2 hour delay. I was thankful for that extra hour of sleep and Daddy got to be here to wish you happy birthday when you woke up.  It was awesome.

You screeched, "God knew it was my special day, so he made it snow!" first thing when I walked in your room.

You clambered downstairs and started gasping and saying "Oh my gosh!" when you saw all the decor and the big stack of presents and a princess crown at your seat.

You wasted no time sitting down, donning your tiara, and unwrapping presents like a pro. I remember being a bit surprised as how deftly you removed ribbons and carefully removed paper.

We had some time where you were able to enjoy your new things and a birthday donut by yourself before the whole crew arrived and Camden woke up. I enjoyed being able to give you the attention of unwrapping your new things and helping you get set up with them.

You asked Daddy to measure you and we marked your 5th birthday on there. You're getting so tall!

After a morning playing with new things, sharing with our Junebug friends, and chasing balloons we got ready to head to Chuck E Cheese. You picked out this flouncy tutu you got for Christmas. I showed you two shirt options and you said, "Is there a birthday shirt to go with this?" So while everyone ate breakfast I whipped up a cupcake tee for you. You deemed it "Just perfect for my 5th birthday!"

You twirled and posed.  You're just so stinkin' cute.

When your photo session was done Camden hopped up and said "my terrrrn!" He gave me this pose.

Chuck E Cheese was empty and I was relieved because we had a big crew! You wasted no time in getting your money and heading for the rides and games. Yes, you wore your tiara almost all day and told everyone you saw "It's my birthday!!!"

We ate lunch there and even got a little cake. Everyone sang happy birthday to you. I just realized I don't know what you wished for, but I'm sure it was good.

You took a much needed nap when we got home and woke up ready to play. Camden joined you at the table when he woke up from his nap. He said, "Look Mom, I makin! Sissy and I makin!" That's his speak for craft time. You were a little concerned that he was using glitter on his Iron Man motorcycle.   Even though I assured you it was okay, you continued to eye him warily.

After some down time I surprised you with tickets to see a high school production of "The Little Mermaid". You wanted to get all dressed up and of course I obliged.  You asked me to wear my ball gown, but you let me wear jeans and settled for my sparkly earrings.

You LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the show. All you could say was, "It's so amazing!", "I'm loving this!", "Oh it's so good!".

On our way out, you giggled and told me it was the best day ever. Then you squeezed my hand and stopped me on the sidewalk, looked earnestly up at me and said, "Thank you for making my birthday so great. I love you Mom."  Lord you know how to pull on the heart strings of your Mama, but just as I was about to get too sentimental you followed it up with, "You can keep doing this when I'm 30!" which made me laugh out loud.

When we got home we found Camden eagerly waiting at the top of the stairs for the "cake-a party!" to begin so we hurried in for some homemade chocolate cake.  It wasn't pretty, but it was yummy.

And now you're snug in your bed, another year older already.

The days are long, but the years are fleeting my love.  We are just so thankful for you, the blessing that you are to our little family, and for all the joy you've brought to our lives.

We love you so dearly, Riley! Happy, happy birthday my love!


  1. Happy 5th Birthday beautiful Riley Boo! :-)
    Love the pics and all the decorting! You are inspirational Lindsay!


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