Sunday, January 6, 2013

365 Photos in 2013 - Week 1

I have a ton of blog catching up to do - more Hawaii and definitely Christmas posts to be done. Instead I'm starting 365 photos in 2013 before I get too far behind on that.

1.1 - Spent New Year's Eve taking down Christmas and spent New Year's Day putting the finishing touches on our living area.

1.2 - The reaction I got when I told her she has special visitors coming for her 5th birthday.

1.3 - Little man snuggled in "Mama's bed and watch a show".  He loves to be cozy and asks me to snuggle with him all day long.  I can barely get him out of his pjs each day and he loves to just roam about the house playing and wreaking havoc.  It's my favorite.

1.4 - I needed profile pics for my silhouette project and she made me take several so she could get hers just right.

1.5 - We took the kids to see Monsters Inc. in the theater and let them play in the arcade section afterwards. They loved the motorcycle game. I love them.

1.6 - Halfway done with another Pinterest project!  Good bye huge, blank townhouse walls, you've been conquered!

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