Monday, January 21, 2013

365 Photos in 2013 - Week 3

1.14 - Yogurt faces. My kids love those yo crunch yogurt cups!  They think giving themselves yogurt mustaches and noses is hilarious.

1.15 - Tea and salon-y time. I was resting in my bed with Cam when Riley invited me to come play. We had a little tea party, did each other's nails, put on some make up and did a quick fashion show. She loved it and so did I.

1.16 Mail.  Riley loves to send mail to her family and friends.  She's been working on sounding out words and spelling them phonetically.  She sent this letter to her Gigi on Wednesday.   The picture is a Patriots ornament - she made me draw the Patriot.

1.17 - Girls night. Had a much needed night of girl talk and crafting with my friends. It's my selfish moment during our hectic weeks and it always helps me recharge and refocus.

1.18 - Date night!  We scored awesome kid sitting services at a local preschool for a great price so TG and I took the opportunity to head to our favorite date night restaurant.  They have automatic wine dispensers on the wall.  If you live in my area and you haven't been, you're missing out.  The service can be iffy, but this night our waitress was lovely and very attentive.  Hello wine debit card!!!

1.19 - Fancy "Dancy".  Riley's birthday is very close to Christmas so I made a Target list of things I know she would love.  Gigi and Papa got her a mini pink, crystal chandelier from her list and I couldn't wait until her birthday to give it to her!  After some trial and well mostly error on my part, TG took over and hung it up.  It adds so much more light to her room (we don't have overhead lights in our house) and she absolutely loves it!

1.20 -  Chest pumps!  TG's team was in the AFC championship game so to get pumped up he showed Riley how to do chest pumps.  Giggling fits ensued.  I didn't take a picture so I took a screenshot of the video I took.  Hahahaha.  That was the only laughter that evening though as TG's team went on to lose to those dirty birds.

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