Wednesday, January 30, 2013

365 Photos in 2013 - Week 4

1.21 - "Only Child" Time.   Riley went to day camp at a local kid's gym for most of Martin Luther King Jr. day so Cam was able to enjoy some only child time with TG and I. Cam's at a very easy phase right now where he enjoys relaxing and playing by himself so I was able to spend a quiet morning finishing up our family photo gallery wall and TG went to the gym. Later we coerced Camden into going to the mall for a haircut with promises of a visit to the toy store. He did well this time, though he initially protested, there was no screaming. He opted for a ride on the train instead of the toy store.  This is him waiting at the ticket counter with his new haircut.  Handsome little man.

1.22 - Cover Girl!  Riley had been so good for the past few days that when she asked if she could get a new (free) app on the iPad I willingly obliged.  Fast forward a few minutes later when she's imploring me to look at what she had made.  I saw this, did a double take and realized she put Camden's face on there and cracked up laughing.  Easy, breezy, beautiful Camden!

1.23 - Craft night.  My lovely crew of crafty girls agreed to not only move craft night to Wednesday, but to my home this week so I could see their faces and get the big 5th birthday decorations up!  It was so nice to have my girls to chat with while I did all this work.

1.24 - Riley turned 5.  She had a BIG day, that was full of fun things including a trip to Chuck E. Cheese with her besties.  They cracked me up trying out this simulated roller coaster ride.

1.25 - Gammy and Gampy!  My parents flew in for Riley's birthday party weekend.  I was nervous about their arrival because a small ice/snow storm came in that afternoon and the schools got an early release.  Thankfully, the worst was over by the time their plane got in and the kids were so excited to pick them up from the airport.  I was so excited to discover that my seester sent me this!  Rock Chalk!

1.26 - Birthday soiree and Fancy "Dancy".  Riley's Fashion Fairytale in Paris party went off without a hitch thanks to Gammy.  I have to include two pics from this day though because that morning we surprised Riley with a trip to the spa for a full on fancy makeover for her party.  She got her nails and piggies painted, her hair done up pageant style, and a bit of make up.  Riley loved being pampered and she charmed the pants off of everyone in the place.

1.27 - Snow tubing.  We went snow tubing for New Year's Eve and when I called my mom to tell her about it she made mention that she would love to give that a try.  So we loaded up late on Sunday night and headed to PA for a night of tubing.  Everyone was a little cranky about the drive and hungry bellies, but one trip down the hill changed that.  The place was practically empty, the hills were nice and slick from a days worth of riders, and the fresh snow on Friday made for some stomach dropping bumps that we all loved.  If you live near me you MUST give snow tubing a try!  Riley's sassy pose in this photo just kills me.

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