Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hawaii Day 8 - Pipemasters

It just happened to work out that while we were in Hawaii the Billabong Pipe Masters were happening on the North Shore. TG has long wanted to see the big surf in Hawaii in the winter, but a major surfing event was just the cherry on top.

Before TG and I headed out to see the surf finals, we said goodbye to my seester, niece, and her hubs who were flying out that day. We all gathered for a family photo. It's not the best quality since I flagged down a random passerby and basically thrust my camera into his hands, but it's better than nothing! It makes me a little sad to see us all so tan and happy. I wish I was there right now.

From left to right...(the newlyweds!) STG and Tata, Sassy, Gammy and Gampy, Uncle J, Eva and Seester, Cam, Tutu, TG and me.

Before I grabbed the "photographer" to get the final pic, I took a couple test shots.  This one just made me laugh.  It's so my family.

Seester asked me to take a few quick pics of Eva for their Christmas card and after that I persuaded them to take a family shot by the bougainvilleas.  We got so many cute ones, but this one of the four generations of women is one of my favorites.  I was running toward my niece and then stopping and taking the photo which made her laugh.  She is signing more in this shot because she wanted me to do it again.

After we gave hugs goodbye, hubs and I hopped in the car and drove to North Shore.  We honeymooned on that side 8 years ago and we absolutely love visiting there.

The drive was lovely, but once we hit the split for Haleiwa and Kahuku, hubs informed me that he didn't know exactly where the pipe was.  So we made a few stops along the way.  One of them was at this beach where a lot of people were gathering to see the sea turtles.

We made a pit stop at Waimea Bay to try and google info on the surfing event before jumping in the huge line of traffic to continue towards Ehukai Beach.  Eventually we found it, but the parking was insane.  After 30 minutes we found a spot, 1 mile away, and hoofed it to the water.

We got there just in time to see Kelly Slater win his quarterfinal heat.  The surf wasn't the highest ever, but it was still breathtaking.  I couldn't believe how big some of swells were and it was crazy watching the surfers charge the waves.  We saw a lot of awesome, high scoring rides.  It was fun to check that off the bucket list.  Sadly TG's iphone battery died after just one picture, but here's the proof, we were there!

By the time we decided to leave we were starving so we headed back west to Haleiwa town for a late lunch.  We went to Haleiwa Joe's, a restaurant we visited on our honeymoon.  We sat out on the patio, looking out over the harbor and ocean.  I had the most delicious Kalbi ribs and hubs had a mouthwatering pulled pork sandwich on punaluu bread.  It was so good and the perfect way to end our day on the North Shore.

We headed back after that to relieve Gammy and Gampy of their babysitting duties.  They graciously insisted on hanging with their grandkids for the whole day so TG and I could enjoy a mini getaway together.  We returned to find them freshly bathed, eating snacks and relaxing with Gampy.   They had a wonderful day swimming and eating lots of ice cream cones.  I'm beyond thankful that my parents are willing to spend so much time on their vacation helping TG and I enjoy some time alone together.  If you're reading this, THANK YOU GAMMY AND GAMPY!

Every Friday night the Hilton Hawaiian Village puts on a small fireworks show on their beach.  We took the kiddos down for some sand play and fireworks.  They made sand angels.

Then oohed and ahhed over the waterfront fireworks.

And so ended day 8 in paradise.


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