Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hawaii Day 5 - Our Hotel Room

The kids were so sick while we were in Hawaii - hacking coughs, slight temps, very snotty noses, and fussy fuss.  By this day I'd had enough of listening to them both cough up a lung all night long so by 6:00 am I rounded everyone up and headed out for the Waikiki Urgent Care.

It was dark when we left the hotel and I was mad as a hornet to have them sick on our vacation so it was a tense 1.5 mile walk to the doctor we had visited the year before - made worse when we finally arrived and discovered they no longer take our insurance.  Their best suggestion was to take the kids to the ER which I wasn't going to do so I found another urgent care a couple blocks back toward the hotel.  God bless Google.

Trouble was this office didn't open until 8 am so we rerouted to Denny's.  Breakfast improved all of our spirits (especially mine).  Then we moseyed up to the office and confirmed my suspicions of an ear infection for Riley.  Surprisingly Camden didn't have one.  They filled Riley's prescription right there in the office so we left with our meds and headed back to the hotel.

By this time it was 9:30 am and after the long day before and the horrible night of sleep I suggested the kids take a nap and then we could enjoy the rest of the afternoon.  Little did I know by nap I meant half a night's sleep.  I woke up when Riley started moving in her bed, looked at the clock, wiped my eyes and did a double take, and realized it was 2:30 pm.  I know, who spends a whole day in Hawaii sleeping, but clearly we needed it.

Turns out TG had checked on us more than a few times during our sound slumber, but once he realized we were seriously asleep, he spent the day shopping in Waikiki and hanging out poolside with my family.

We joined them and spent the rest of the day soaking up the sun and ocean air.


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