Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hawaii Days 6 and 7 - Snorkel, Swim, Shop, Swim

There are zero pictures of day 6 and 7.  I know, what? Clearly, I'd settled into relaxation mode and the panic of our impending departure wasn't creeping up on me yet. But here's two pics of the little man enjoying his Hawaiian vacation for you to enjoy.

Hanging at the beach while the girls got their nails done.

TG got him all ready for the wedding and went to take a shower.  When he got out he discovered our poor little guy passed out on the bed in his wedding wear.

On Wednesday we spent most of the morning at the beach. Gampy rented lounge chairs and an umbrella and we hauled all our towels, blankets, sand toys and snorkeling gear down there. Everyone but Tata and STG were hanging out there at one point during the morning. The water was the coldest it's ever been, but that didn't seem to bother the kids. We splashed around and played on floats for a while and then played in the sand. When they were done Gammy took them back to our hotel room for a break and TG agreed to venture out deeper with me to snorkel. Sadly there weren't many fish to see, but we had fun swimming around. After snorkeling, TG and Uncle J threw the football around while I relaxed in the sun (wearing my 50 spf sunscreen of course).

On Thursday we made the trek to the NEX. It's a highlight of our trip every time! TG decided to stay back with the kiddos so I was able to go and enjoy shopping with my parents, Tutu, STG and Tata. As usual whenever Tata is involved we had fun and bought too many cute things.

That afternoon everyone went swimming with the kids at the hotel and we bounced back and forth between the big pool and kiddie pool. We all (kids and adults) preferred the kiddie pool though for it's proximity to the beach and bar!

That evening I got to enjoy a lovely dinner with the newlyweds and a sweet friend of theirs over in the Hilton Hawaiian Village. We had delicious food, huge drinks, a gorgeous view of the water and lovely conversation. I got to try opakapaka - Hawaiian pink snapper, and it was delicious!

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  1. Your little guy is adorable! I'm glad you had such a fun time in Hawaii. And seriously, you know when you haven't taken any pictures that you've gone into major relaxation mode. I've learned to totally relish in those moments and not care at all that I left the camera behind. And congrats to the newlyweds!


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