Monday, January 14, 2013

365 Photos in 2013 - Week 2

1.7 - Little man had a lazy day in his pjs at home, so come bedtime he wasn't quite as tired as usual. He easily persuaded TG to let him watch some football downstairs with us before bedtime.  Camden loves to yell, "TOUCHDOWN!"

1.8 - Riley discovered her first wiggly, loose tooth! When she had me confirm she was so overwhelmed she was laughing hysterically and crying a bit. Then for the rest of the day she couldn't wait to show TG and/or stop wiggling it.

1.9 - Riley lost her first tooth. She told me that morning that the wiggly tooth was hurting her when she tried to eat. That night while I was out at the store with Cam, she was having trouble eating dinner. TG told her it would be okay, but she decided to reach in there and pull the thing out herself. It was not that loose at all, so I was shocked when he told me, but she couldn't have been happier about it. That night we ceremonially put the tooth under her pillow and then read two books about the tooth fairy so she would know what to expect. Riley was so excited to see what the tooth fairy would bring.

1.10 - A tooth bag and visit from the tooth fairy. I stayed up until the next morning, using materials I had on hand, to sew her a little bag to put her loose teeth in from now on. There's a pocket for the tooth and a pocket for her money.  The tooth fairy left her $10 glitter dollars and a little reminder to, "Keep brushing!". Digging for the ziploc bag while trying not to wake her was stressful, but successful. From now on she'll put her tooth in the little bag and hang it near her bed.

1.11  Homemade laundry detergent.  I've had this pinned on my cleaning board on Pinterest for a long time and for one reason or another just haven't gotten around to making it, until now.  It took me four trips to find Borax, apparently Harris Teeter doesn't carry it around here, but now I'm on the "make your own soap" bandwagon and I love it.  Our clothes feel so soft and although they don't have the typical fresh laundry smell everything is bright and clean.  Add that to the super cheap price of making it yourself and it's a Pinterest winner!

1.12 - In an effort to get the kids out of the house, I took them to our local mall to play and do a little shopping. They were so cute because the place was packed, but they chose to play together.

1.13 - My team is out of the playoffs, but TG's team is in.  We had a low key day of lunch at Outback watching the Seahawks and Falcons, followed by naps, tax work for me, then the Patriots and Texans game at home.  I snuck the kids out to Target to give TG some time to yell for his team by himself, but not before Cam snuggled in for some, "Go Patriots! Come on, Welker! and TOUCHDOWN!" cheers.  The Patriots won and they are moving on to face the Dirty Birds next weekend.  I don't often cheer for the Pats, but I will be next weekend.  Which means they'll probably lose.

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