Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Her Birthday Extravaganza

Riley's 3rd birth-day was more like, Riley's 3rd birth-week.

Her actual birthday fell on a Monday so to celebrate we went with our birthday bestie to the Baltimore Aquarium. Even though I took us on a small-ish detour (because I'm a dope who ALWAYS does that on 495) ahem...we made it safely to the Inner Harbor. We all had such a good time together visiting all the exhibits, going to the dolphin show and picking out a birthday treat from the gift shop. It was the perfect way to spend her big day!

Later at home we sang, made a wish and had cake...or a cupcake from the play kitchen. "Cocalate cake with cocalate icing" just as the princess requested...several times in the weeks prior. That apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :)


She opened her presents with glee. We got her a kid's digital camera and she proceeded to take almost 300 pictures in less than 24 hours. Some of them were pretty artistic and I had no idea it would be such a big hit! Tata wrapped her gifts in Steelers paper - AWESOME!

She LOVED her singing Ariel doll.

Tuesday we went to Chuck E. Cheese. I somehow forgot that it was a Teacher Workday. It was crrrrr-azy town there. Then the store's credit card machines go down and mothers who aren't used to spending the entire day with their kids slowly start to lose it when they are told they can't get the rat's house pizza or tokens unless they have cash. Luckily I was raised on the "you catch more flies with honey" mantra and just by being polite (after witnessing 3 major Gucci Mom meltdowns) I was able to score free tokens. YES! However, my short lived MOY status was quickly revoked when Riley threw an epic tantrum because I said it was time to go. It was so loud and out of control in there I couldn't get her to stop until I got right by her ear and told her that screaming was going to wake up the rat and he was going to come out. Not one of my proudest moments, but sometimes you have to do what works.

That night God smiled on her/me and gave us enough snow to get TG out of work for 3 days! Granted we spent most of those days watching the 24 hour stomach bug work it's way through our household, but I consider it a birthday blessing that 1) I didn't have to weather that storm of child pukes alone. I'm one of those wimpy people that don't do throw up well at all. 2) That mine was more like a horrible 1 hour bug. 3)My mother arrived just before TG and I took the big dive. I will never be able to thank her enough for not getting on the first flight back out of here when less than 1 hour after her arrival things went...south.

Luckily we all bounced back for Riley's joint birthday bestie party on Saturday. Gammy, Gigi, Papa, Aunt Natalie and Uncle Justin all came to celebrate her big day. This is the second year we've shared a party with our bestie at a local kid's gym. WE LOVE IT - no set up, just enjoying ourselves during the party and the best part no clean up! Thanks for being the photographer Gammy!

Her awesome cake.

Tiny bubbles.

Loving all the attention!

Rollercoaster ride! She's an old fan of this.

WHEEEE! The plane zipline was the big hit.

Swinging with Char.

Her royal birthday princess walking the runway amid applause, to take her seat on her throne.

We were all exhausted at the end of the week, but it was worth it for our big 3 year old.

Whew. Although I feel like 3 is going to be the year that gives me a run for my money (seriously terrible twos is misnamed), I can't wait to spend another year laughing with her and watching her grow.

I love you Riley Boo!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Riley! Cute pictures!
    Yes...3's are the worst, but once you make it through, each year gets easier!


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