Thursday, February 3, 2011

9 Months

Our little Cam man hit the big 9 month mark almost a week ago.

Broken record warning:
I can hardly believe it.

Spring is just around the corner (especially if you believe the hog in Punxsutawney) and he will be 1. I always say that somedays it seems like forever, but overall it's a blink of an eye from sweet newborn baby lump to walking, talking toddler.

Cam is making quite sure that the last few months of his first year are BUSY. He's right on track developmentally and he's started doing some of my favorite baby things in the last month like saying Mama, waving hi and bye, clapping his hands, eating more solids, feeding himself and smacking his lips when he's hungry or thirsty.

Cam might be slightly ahead in terms of his movement though. He's become a proficient crawler, loves climbing the stairs, cruising all over the house, pulling up on EVERYTHING, and standing alone for a moment or two. He's officially been gated in now and since this picture was taken we've had to gate off the stairs going up as well.

I think Cam loves going "bye bye" most of all, but when we're home he spends his time diligently following his beloved sister to and fro playing with all range of toys, but usually whatever she has just discarded. He just wants to be wherever she is and do whatever she is doing. Cam's usually awake before her in the morning and when I walk out of his room with him in my arms the first thing he does is lean towards Riley's bedroom door. It is so much fun for me to watch them interact and grow together.

It always amuses me when he's home and she's not though. Cam will immediately beeline for the things that she does not like to let him play with. Like her dress up stuff, her Toy Story dolls and her art supplies. It is as if Camden knows that these are somewhat off limits in her presence and he wants to play with them while he can.

Camden is still a breastfed baby, but today we made it with just a morning and evening feed. He's recently mastered the sippy and he's started to show signs of frustration with the slower flow as well as biting me as he would the sippy. I think (fingers crossed) Camden might actually be self weaning, which would be a huge relief for me. I'm sure some of you are either a) grossed out by this entire paragraph's subject matter, b) wondering what the big deal is, or c) you're my sister and it's both. Let's just say it would be easier for me emotionally if he let it go without me having to force him there.

Stats for the 9th month:
21.1 lbs - 60th percentile
29.5 inches - 87th percentile
46 cm - 71% percentile

Perfectly healthy, right on track, and vaccinated. His measurements are almost exactly the same at 9 months as his sister.

Happy 9 months Camden! We love you!

Other random bits just for my memory...

Camden is a picky eater just like his Daddy. One day he loves oatmeal the next he acts like it will poison him. He is so close to sleeping through the night again (one month post RSV coma) - he wakes up at the 11 hour mark for a feed and then goes back to sleep for at least another hour. Cam was the host monkey for our first family throw up illness last week.


  1. I love this post. Thanks so much, Seeester. His Tata misses him mucho. Besos.

  2. Linds this is just such a sweet post. I can't believe how fast they grow, it really catches you by suprise, doesn't it?


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