Monday, February 21, 2011

Seen and Heard


TG about to take lil man for his first trip down the bounce slide. He went from excitement (seen here), to terror, to giggles. It was quite funny.

The loves of my life. Someday I will get a photo of all of us smiling.

Our princess who was not amused by my photo taking during her cake eating.

My two kiddos at the 3rd birthday party of a dear little friend.


Riley: Okay Mom, you wistening?
Me: Mmhmm.
Riley: You gots two choices okay? You can either watch your show or then it's my turn.
Riley: So, what's your choice?

Camden: Dada. Mih "milk". MaMA! Mo "more".

TG: Hey Riley, I have some bad news. It's raining so we can't go on our hike today.
Riley: Hmm. Thats a problems.
Puts her finger to her mouth, hand on her hip
Riley: How's we going to fix that problem? Maybe wes can take out my ba-wack car? (her power wheels)
TG: It's raining Roo.
Riley: Okay, maybe we's can take a picnic?
TG: It's raining.
Riley: Let my see here, maybe we's can go to the park?
TG: It's raining.
Riley: I knows! We can paint...
TG: That would work.

She is drawing Valentine's cards for everyone in the family.
Riley: I love you always Gampy.
Riley: I love you always Lolo.
Riley: I love you always Gammy.
Riley: I love you always Mommy. You are my favoritest Mommy eber. Thanks for gib-ings me my cock-a-late milk for ba-wreck-fest.

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