Saturday, February 26, 2011


Cam was on Day 19, and antibiotic three of a double ear infection that he just couldn't kick. Little did I know, he was also cutting all four eye teeth at the same time. To say that he was fussy is an understatement. So we stuck close to home.

We hung out in our jammies for most of the day.

Riley enjoyed painting with brushes, her fingers, Buzz Lightyear, Donald duck, and some jacks. Can you see the Donald duck footprints?

She used so much paint we had to make a run to AC Moore to get some new colors.

When Cam woke up from his afternoon nap it seemed the zithromax, orajel and motrin finally did the trick. He was much happier. A chocolate chip cookie didn't hurt either.

We had crock pot chili for dinner which was perfect since after it rained all morning, another cold front BLEW in. I really mean blew, the wind gusts were forecasted near 60 mph.

I finished babysitting my Amish friendship bread starter.

The kiddos enjoyed some Daddy playtime.

And Camden practiced his GROWL face during bathtime.

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