Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hot Wheels

As Camden gets older and more active, TG gets more antsy that we don't have "boy" toys around the house.

Personally I have seen my daughter take great joy in playing with something "boy" and I have watched little boys have a wonderful time playing with something "girl".

That being said, while cruising the aisles of Wally he decided to buy two packs of Hot Wheels for our kids. I thought it ended there. You know, you buy the cars and push them around on the carpet, or table or your arm, whatever.

Until I saw TG piling bags of these orange tracks into his arms. Tracks that he brought home and assembled from one wall to the other on our first floor.

Then the real fun began.


And girl.

Played happily.


Until someone's hand was accidentally placed on the track in the line of fire.

Then girl continued playing on her own.

While boy happy once again just spectated and later became the human car wash.


  1. Cute pictures! The car obsession is about to begin! ;)

  2. Very cute! Coming over from Lexie Loo and Dylan too! Have a great day!


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