Monday, February 28, 2011

10 months

Dear Camden,

Today you are 10 months old. You just get cuter everyday.

Other than battling ear infections and getting your eye teeth (ACK!) it's been a good month. You are getting so big.

You have been a busy boy! You are a super crawler, cruiser, and stander and you've started playing while sitting on your knees. It's pretty darn cute. You love standing at the window, smacking your hands on the glass, babbling, laughing and bouncing up and down. We think you are close to walking, you've got good balance and have started standing by yourself and using the push walker. Maybe by next month?

You are becoming more social everyday. You wave, do so big, clap, sign all done, say "mi" for milk, "mama" A LOT, and give high fives. You're a Momma's boy, but you love your Daddy too. I love watching you light up when he gets home from work. You always spend a few minutes staring at him before you smile and reach for him. You also started saying "Da da" this month.

You can ham it up and have started laughing if we laugh even if you have no idea what's so funny. You make the funniest little faces. You have your Daddy's sense of humor. Whenever he does one of his silly little things you immediately laugh like you completely understand the joke. I think you really do, you two are kindred spirits.

You LOVE following your sister around and sitting near her to play. This afternoon your Daddy and I were in the kitchen washing the lunch dishes and we had left you and your sister playing in the living room. All of a sudden I realized that your voices sounded further away and when I ran out you were climbing up the stairs and she was cheering you on saying, "Good job lil buddy! Ohn-wee a wittle bit fur-der!". You thought it was hilarious to climb after her and go play in her room.

We are loving watching you grow and seeing more and more of your little personality. You are so much like your Daddy, but I see bits of myself in you too. We can't believe there are only two more months until you're 1, it seems like just yesterday you were a snuggly newborn in my arms. Happy 10 months lil man! We love you Camden!

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