Friday, February 11, 2011

Seen and Heard


My 3 year old who just looks older everyday!

Yet another attempt at that elusive smiling sibs photo.

My 9 month old and his grrr face.


Riley is laying in her bed in the middle of the day.
Me: What are you doing bug?
Riley: Takin a wax.
Me: A what?
Riley: Takin a wax. See?
She puts her hands up behind her head and crosses her legs.
Me: Oh, you're relaxing?
Riley: Dat's what I told ya!

Matt is pretending to be asleep on the floor.
Me: Uh oh. You have to wake up Daddy!
Riley: Wakeeeey, wakeeey.
Riley: It not workin!
Me: Make more noise!

Getting Riley into her jammies before bedtime.
Riley: Oh Mom. Gives me a hug!
Riley: I wubs you Mom.
Me: I love you too Riley girl.
Riley: I gonna miss you.
Me: Where am I going?
Riley: I gonna miss you when you go to Harris Peter.

Looking at some of my old college photos during dinner.
TG: Do you know who is in that picture?
Riley studies it for a few seconds.
Riley: It's you! And Mommy!
TG: That's right.
Riley: You's snuggling Mommy!
Riley: Ohhhh.
Hangs her head and makes her sad face.
Riley: I wish I could snuggle Mommy. Hey Mom! You wanna snuggle on da couch wit me? I can gets a pill-whoa and a ba-wanket and we's can snuggle.

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